Got BOOST??? This is new world record! 

There will be a few memorable things about this video and the world record run is just one of them, the second one is a turbo so huge, for a second there we were expecting him to tell us that this turbo charger came off a train or a tanker, and the third one, where is this guy staring the whole time during the interview, because he did not look at the camera at all.

This record shattering car looks like it has an engine attached to a turbine, since this turbo compressor is so big, the whole front end is built around it. The piping for that monster looks bigger than the chimney at our house.

Check out this amazing dragster and the record setting run that was done at No Mercy 7 in South Georgia Motorsports Park, by clicking on the video bellow, and enjoy some awesome 8th of a mile racing.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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