Wicked Pro Street 1966 Chevy II Nova 572!

The year was 1960 and Chevy was in a hurry to get a model out to counter the Ford Falcon which was gaining popularity and collecting revenues.

One year later, Chevy came up with their car in the 110-inch wheelbase class, a car that was according to them the quickest car to be made from the drawing board to the showroom at the time.

The cars were assembled not only in the four US locations but also in Argentina, Belgium and Switzerland which proves to the popularity of the model.

Today however, we bring you a Nova which was built in 1966 and belongs to the second generation of this vehicle although this one has been tweaked a bit, and now this Pro Street Race monster looks like it is about to pounce and bite a car in half.

Check out this amazing machine which definitely is a crowd pleaser. We hope you like it and if you do, feel free to share it.

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