Spectacular General Lee Stunt Jump Wows Autorama Crowd!

For most of us the Dukes Of Hazard will always remind us of that awesome General Lee Charger, and there is no two ways about it, so when we see some stunt like this it kinda gets us sad.

Sure we understand that this generates publicity and many of the people in the crowd want to see a real life General Lee flying thru the air while being chased by the cops, and then land hard, but the fact of the matter is that at the end of this publicity stunt, there is one less Charger that would have made somebody’s dream come true if it was not destroyed.

Honestly there are not too many of these rare classic cars to be destroying them like this so in a way while cool, this for us is a sad video as well.

Check out how yet another Charger flies thru the air possibly ending his life in the video bellow.

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