Top 10 Most Brutal Drag Race Wheelstands!

With great power comes great responsibility, said Spiderman’s uncle, and today we can finally relate to that in the world of drag race, in all honesty we have been itching to use that sentence in forever.

The incredible amounts of grip, of those sticky warmed up racing tires, combined with the insane horsepower these cars make, are going head to head with basic physics and the rear end wants to go forward faster than the front one.

Resulting in a tilting motion that lifts the front tires off the track and high into the air resulting in a spectacle that has the entire crowd on their feet cheering, screaming and laughing like teenage girls on a Justin Bieber concert.

Today’s video is a compilation of the craziest and most brutal wheel stands that while spectacular to watch are very dangerous and can be destructive to the chassis, the front end, and the entire vehicle.

Check out this insane compilation, that will have you saying goodbye to the front suspension on many of these expensive cars.

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  • I love to race.But doing intentionally something that is highly likely to destroy part of your ride is just plain stupid.

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