Unicorn Nova – The Rusty Sleeper!

We thought you may want to take a look at this awesome rusty sleeper Nova called the Unicorn!

Some might argue that this car is not a real sleeper, and they’d have the right to, since even on first look any car guy would be able to look thru this rusty outside shell and spot all sorts of things that are revealing that this is one badass car that is capable of putting down 8s consistently on any given day, and tell tell signs like that, really differentiate a car in traffic.

Be that as it may, this Nova is an awesome machine nevertheless since this beast is shooting for an 8 second average through Rocky Mountain Race Week, and remember the car has to be on par to make the difficult 1300-mile journey from the flatlands and back.

Not only did it made it, but it came back from the entire endeavor with a trophy in hand, and that, deserves some recognition, so check out the amazing journey of the rusty Nova in the video bellow.

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