Daddy Dave Hits the Wall and Crash vs Bobby Ducote at Street Outlaws NPK at SGMP!!!

Check this, Daddy Dave Hits the Wall and Crash vs Bobby Ducote at Street Outlaws NPK at SGMP!!!

Let us take you to the South Georgia Motorsport Park where we have a very interesting turn of events.

The first thing that was worth mentioning was the fact that Daddy Dave’s burnout was almost an eight of a mile long. This guy literally kept his foot down for nearly the whole length of the track which means that he really needed to make sure everything goes right for this race.

Unfortunately however, as the tittle tells us Daddy Dave’s run did not go as planned.

You see, many have mentioned Bobby Ducote’s tendency to not wait for the light to turn on before releasing the transbrake button or as many would say, he has been known to guess the light.

Whether this time he guessed perfectly or Daddy Dave was making a sandwich at the starting line is not that important, fact is that after the 60 feet Daddy Dave was behind Bobby Ducote and he needed to do all that it takes to get in front of him.

There is no doubt about Dave determination to win the race, however this is an experienced driver who knows that ego has a huge price in these things, and it can cost you huge amounts of money and days even weeks of work.

This is why we think that instead of him overdriving the car, the explanation that somebody mentioned that the left parachute did not open was much more plausible.

You see, according to that explanation, the left parachute did not deploy which meant the right one pulled to car into the wall.

The crash happened after the finish line so this is another reason to think this.

We are sure that pretty soon we will find out what exactly happened, so in the meantime check out the video and see how it all went down.

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