Ryan Martin vs Murder Nova Grudge Race at Street Outlaws 2021 No Prep Kings – Adel, GA!!

Check this, Ryan Martin vs Murder Nova Grudge Race at Street Outlaws 2021 No Prep Kings – Adel, GA!!

You would think that guys who test together on regular basis would not call each other out on a grudge race, and apparently it would be the wrong thing to assume.

We all know that these guys are very good friends and are here to make sure that the Championship crown goes to the 405, however we also know that if it comes to which one of the 405 guys will be taking the crown home, everything goes out the window and its every man for himself.

Once again we have them lining up against one another just like they have been for years during the 405 list races, however this time they are not participating in such a list (at least not publicly).

Not to speculate, but a race like this would provide both of them with data from both lanes, and since we all know that these guys are sharing data between them this race could honestly mean much more than just bragging rights.

This could be a great way for Ryan Martin to see how far he can turn up the gray ZL1 monster before he starts loosing traction and turns the tires into smoke and heat.

Another reason to think this is the fact that during the race you are about to see, Ryan Martin did just what was expected, smoked the tires and lost traction, which meant that he had the ZL1 Camaro turned up a lot.

Will the loss of traction for a split second be enough for Shawn Ellington in the Murder Nova to take the win or will Ryan Martin be able to still get to the finish line first and turn on the bright light at the end of the track?

As always, check out the video and find out for yourself.

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