Daddy Dave Tests His New NPK Audi on Dyno, Guess the Horsepower?

Take a look at this, Daddy Dave Tests His New NPK Audi on Dyno, Guess the Horsepower?

Daddy Dave from Street Outlaws has finally put his Audi on the dyno and made the first two pulls ever, much to the excitement of his fans. The car has been in show car mode for a while, but now it was finally time to put it to the test. Daddy Dave dropped off the Audi in New Jersey last week, but the converter wasn’t quite right. They had to wait for the converter parts to arrive before they could finally make the pulls.

After the converter parts came in, Daddy Dave and his brother ran up to New Jersey to make a couple of pulls on the dyno. Carl, the mechanic, didn’t want to put too much stress on the motor, so they only made a couple of pulls. However, Daddy Dave was thrilled with the results, and he and his team are now excited to take the Audi to the track rental and see what it can do.

Daddy Dave has invested a lot of money and time into this car, and he’s hoping that it will be the one to put him in contention for season six of MPK. The format for this year has changed, and it’s now a team competition with eight teams battling it out for $250,000 and the crown at the end of the year. The seven captains have already been chosen, and the eighth team captain will be chosen by the fans. Daddy Dave is hoping that the fans will choose him as their captain, and he’s excited to represent the people and lead his team to victory.

In addition to his excitement about the new format, Daddy Dave is also thrilled to be back in his hometown and hitting the reset button. These are the streets he learned to drive on, and these are the people who have stood behind him since day one. He’s never forgotten where he came from, and he’s ready to take on the competition and show everyone what he’s made of.

Overall, Daddy Dave is excited about the future of his car and his team. He’s confident that they have what it takes to win, and he’s looking forward to hitting the track and proving it. With the support of his fans and his team, Daddy Dave is ready to take on anything that comes his way.

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