Daddy Dave vs Jeff Lutz Grudge Race in Tusla!!!

Take a look at this, Daddy Dave vs Jeff Lutz Grudge Race in Tusla!!!

Once again we are at the Tulsa Raceway Park for the 12th round of the No Prep Kings Championship event, that is being held this weekend.

We start with a grudge race between two guys that have been racing each other for years for the famous 405 list.

This time however it seems that they both have something to prove and this is why they have called each other out in a grudge race. Or maybe they are just trying to make a pass in order to better understand what the cars will and will not take.

Whichever might be the real reason it is not even that important, the most important thing is that we get to see two of the fastest guys in the 405 as well as the No Prep Kings Championship face each other in a battle to the finish line.

In the left lane (the video subtitles have this thing inverted for whatever reason) we have Daddy Dave and the famous Goliath. To be honest, much more was expected from him instead of sitting at the 39th spot which he is sharing with Bryan Chucky Davis, and Adam Jennings, however after missing a few races this is where we are at the moment.

This proves once again that racing is a very unpredictable sport and one small mistake might cost you tons of points as well as a good overall ranking.

We honestly think that if he would have been able to attend all the races so far, the situation would have been very different and Daddy Dave would have been much higher up in the standings, but it is what it is.


So sit back relax and enjoy some great grudge racing between two buddies that have been doing this for years on the streets.



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