Ryan Martin Vs Disco Dean Team attack final at No Prep Kings Tulsa 2021!!!

Check this, Ryan Martin Vs Disco Dean Team attack final at No Prep Kings Tulsa 2021!!!

One of the funniest guys in the No Prep Kings Championship, is met today by one of the fastest.

We all know that Disco dean is one of the most entertaining guys in the championship and on a more serious note, he is sitting at the 14th spot at the moment which he shares with Jim Howe.

While this might not seem like the result that Disco Dean and his team were hoping for this year, we have to give him some credit and recognize that he has been having some issues this year.

These have prevented him and his team from being further up the leaderboard and fight to be a top contender.

In the left lane of this Team Attack Final we have the scoreboard leader Ryan Martin who is leading the Championship with thirty points at the moment.

We all know that Ryan Martin is one of the best team players out there and when it comes to the team he is ready to go above and beyond in order to make sure that the whole team climbs the leaderboard together.

This time he is trying to emphasize on this and grab the win for the Team Attack final and prove to everybody that the 405 was the best team that the 2021 Tulsa No Prep event had seen.

Funny guy or not, nobody is expecting Disco Dean to just roll over and “give” Ryan Martin the win, on the contrary, we are sure that Disco Dean will be doing all that he can in order to grab this win and show everybody that he should be much further on the scoreboard than the 14th spot.

As always we won’t spoil the race and tell you who won, so check out the race and find out who is the winner of the Tulsa 2021 event.


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