Drag Racing Midwest Top Sportsman at Byron Dragway!!!

Take a look at this, Drag Racing Midwest Top Sportsman at Byron Dragway!!!

Today we are taking you to a destination located about an hour and a half drive west of the windy city which is also known as Chicago to a track that was opened about sixty years ago and it is still seeing plenty of action.

When it first opened it’s gates to the racers back in the sixties, this track was running cars four abreast making this a pretty wide track to this day.

Since 2011 this has been an NHRA track and it is currently owned by Bryant Vangsness. One of the most popular events which is held here is the well-known World Power Wheel Standing Championship, an event that always maxes out the 6 000 spectator capacity of this track.

Today’s “visit” to this track however is for a different reason and with a different type of racing being held at this venue. We are of course talking about the Midwest Top Sportsman class race that was held here this weekend October 2-3rd which might be the deciding race for the entire championship.

At the moment before there all three top contenders are here to win the entire championship and all three are do their best to grab the win.

On the top of the leaderboard leading the championship we have Eddie Banderowicz Jr with a total of 257 points doing his best to hold on to the lead and bring the trophy home once again like he did on 2018.

Trying to prevent Eddie from doing so, we have Eric Grace in the second position who has amassed 227 points in this championship.

Right behind both of them waiting to pounce at the last minute and grab the trophy, we have Rick Sojka Jr. sitting in third position with 222 points.

So lets get on with the video and see the action from Byron, enjoy.    

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