Murder Nova is Repaired After The Fire and Ready To Head To NPK Tucson!!!

Take a look at this, Murder Nova is Repaired After The Fire and Ready To Head To NPK Tucson!!!

First of all, don’t let the image of the motor being hoisted out of the car scare you because these guys did not blow their motor apart.

Now that we got that out of the way we can talk about why they are pulling the engine out of the Murder Nova.

We have heard this same thing from Ryan Martin about how often do you have to take your rods out and replace them with fresh new ones.

His theory was that putting new rods at every thirty runs or laps as he calls them is the best way to make sure that they get replaced the right way.

Because according to him if you don’t take them out, they will come out themselves and unfortunately they will do it thru the engine block leaving a great big hole showing you the insides of the engine.

The funny thing is that, as Shawn Ellington is about to explain himself, he never believed in those rules and always thought that Ryan Martin and the folks like him who are changing the rods every 30 laps or so are wasting their money on rods.

Well, he has now learned his lesson because he realized that changing the $1400 rods is much cheaper than waiting for them to come out the side of the motor and then end up spending ten to fourteen grand to cover the damage. Of course, presuming that you won’t need to fix the crank and spend another five grand on it.

This once again shows that you should never try to save money on maintenance because, in the end, you will end up paying much more than what you thought you were saving.

So check out the video and see what else Shawn Ellington and Phantom are changing on the Murder Nova.

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