Thoughts on Big Chief’s “New Motor” & Why it’s a big advantage on the Street!

Check this, Thoughts on Big Chief’s “New Motor” & Why it’s a big advantage on the Street!

His name is Justin Shearer and he was born in Louisville Kentucky in 1980.

As a kid, he loved everything that has a motor in it so understandably from the age of 9 he was frequenting the races that were held back then on Old Route 66.

Over the years he grew up to arguably become one of the most famous street racers that the world has seen.

His career at the Street Outlaws show launched him into stardom and he has followers and fans on all seven continents because there is not a car enthusiast in the world that has not watched an episode of Street Outlaws and has not heard of the famous Big Chief.

It all began at the streets so this is where his career is headed once again.

In the past, he was the first one to say that he won’t join the No Prep scene and had left the rest of the guys from the 405 have at it however, during season three he decided to join his crew and give them some backup.

He stated that winning the No Prep Kings Championship is extremely important for the 405 team so he was there to make sure that he’s got their back.

Interestingly enough, this was the first season that the 405 managed to snatch the title and grab the crown thanks to Ryan Martin.

These days it appears that Big Chief has done some major work to the car and while the engine might not be a brand new engine, it is still worth mentioning when it comes to guys changing a few things here and there.

To find out more about these changes, as always check out the video and see for yourself if his car will be the car to beat on the streets once again.  

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