Kamikaze Chris and the Screw Blown 1968 Donco Nova, Mean No Prep Kings Contender!!!

Wow, check this, Kamikaze Chris and the Screw Blown 1968 Donco Nova, Mean No Prep Kings Contender!!!

The story of Kamikaze Chris is one of the most interesting stories around the 405 guys.

This is a bellowed racer that has been racing a mega-popular El Camino which has been the fan-favorite car for a while.

For a long time, this car was in the shop getting upgraded and unfortunately during the filming of the Street Outlaws in 2020, Chris crashed it.

While the wreck was incredibly severe, the safety equipment did the job and Kamikaze Chris was unharmed from the wreck. He was devastated, however, for losing popular Elco and disappointing the fans that were waiting to see it all over the place.

All that is in the past and since you cannot change the past, the only way for Chris was to go forward with his racing career, and in order to do that he started racing Aaron Dork’s Nova.

This is a car which is using the screw blower as its power adder and it is attached to a massive Brad Anderson Hemi engine inside this 1968 Donco Nova.

 The massive blower protruding out of the engine bay makes this Nova look way cooler than the other cars and if we were to nitpick, the only thing that could be added to this car to make it even cooler would be a set of zoomies on the sides.

But that would be nitpicking like we already said.

While many are talking about Ryan Martin and his gray ZL1 Camaro and how fast that combination is, when it comes to the cool factor, well this 1968 Donco Nova with Kamikaze Chris behind the wheel, might be sitting a bit higher than the rest of the field.

So check out the video and find out all that you can about this incredible machine and the very popular driver holding its reins.

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