2500HP Javelin WRECKS & ends up on its roof!!!

Take a look at this, 2500HP Javelin WRECKS & ends up on its roof!!!

Why don’t we head out to the US 131 Motorsport Park located in Martin Michigan where the racers are arriving for the fifth day of Drag Week.

All of these guys have been thru a very long week which consists of an incredible 1200 miles as well as managing to put down times at four different tracks that they have visited so far.

This is their fifth race track that they are going to be racing at and after they have successfully made a pass these guys will be completing one of the most complex drag racing events, named Drag Week.

Another incredible thing that you can only catch on Drag Week is the fact that over the few checkpoints that the racers stop at, some of the drivers decide to make a huge burnout with the trailer attached.

Watching the trailer totally disappear in a massive cloud of smoke can only be surpassed by the fact that after the massive burnout the trailer is jumping and skidding all over the place as the car settles and straightens out.

The sheer diversity of these machines cannot be explained by words and for many of them, you would have to see them for yourselves before you can believe your eyes.

Some of these vehicles look that they would never make it thru this gruesome week but the reality of it is that this is the fifth day and they are still with the convoy pushing on from one race track to the other where after all those miles, they still need to set a timed pass in order to be able to continue.

At the end of the week, you have to have a better average on the time slips than the guy next to you in order to win this thing, and if you watch the video there will be some incredible things to see on this topic, enjoy.    

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