Street Outlaws to Race in Hot Rod Drag Week!!!

Check this, Street Outlaws to Race in Hot Rod Drag Week!!!

As always, the times before the races start are the times when speculation and hearsay are at their fullest so this forced delay is also being used for this.

The latest talk is about Big Chief and how his 1968 Pontiac Firebird also known as the Crowmod will be used in No Prep Kings racing, while The Crow will be strictly used for street racing.

Luckily for us however, Big Chief crushed all this talk and told us that The Crowmod will not be used for No Prep Kings, he will be using The Crow for both No Prep Kings as well as street racing.

This on its own will be e very hard thing to do, and as soon as he started racing No Prep Kings, Big Chief himself said that he gives props to the guys that are doing this, however we are sure that he will find a way to do this.

So check out the newest information about No Prep racing and let Sim tell you what else is going on.

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