The Return of The 405 Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, The Return of The 405 Street Outlaws!!!

After all that time, Sim finally has the good news that honestly I think we’ve been all waiting for.

The 405 Street Outlaws show, will resume filming next Monday.

According to Jeff Lutz, the streets of Oklahoma will be seeing much more action, because they are about to start filming the show that we all love.

Yes, we do understand that there will be a delay between filming the show and airing it, however we all know that there will be leaked clips of the races all over the unofficial channels and to us that is just a nice preview in what we are about to see.

Additionally, the time that it took them to edit The Fastest In America show, really show us that we are just a short time away from watching these guys in action.

Like always, Sim has much more news in his video so check it out and see what is happening in the street racing scene.


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