Big Name Drivers Getting Disqualified from NPK!?

Check this, Big Name Drivers Getting Disqualified from NPK!?

What’s your thoughts about those drivers who were accused for chitin?

There is some serious accusation from some people that some of those who wins NPK Weekends are chitters and they told them in the face, but that should not be true for sure.

Lizzie was accused by Mike Murillo of doing the same thing at VMP. 

Another comment says: If Lizzy broke the rules, whether knowingly or not, she should be DQ’d, period. Her win nullified and all points gained, removed. If she broke the rules, she never should have been allowed to run to begin with, because who knows how the race would have turned out if she wasnt there. Hell, one of the racers she beat could have won. You never know, but rules must be followed or not bother having rules to begin with.

Sam says: I just want to be clear that the purpose of this video is to talk about what happens if and when big names get disqualified. Not necessarily who gets disqualified. The names I named in the video were just simply for context. Thanks everyone for watching!

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