Invitational Final Jeff Lutz vs Lizzy Musi at No Prep Kings – Morrison, CO!!!

Take a look at this, Invitational Final Jeff Lutz vs Lizzy Musi at No Prep Kings – Morrison, CO!!!

It has been a very long time since we have seen her in the finals and we are honestly glad to bring you the news that she is about to face Jeff Lutz.

On the other hand, we cannot lie and say that we are not as equally as glad to see Jeff Lutz in the final as well.

Both drivers are behind the wheel of their brand new cars which they have built specifically for the purpose of winning a No Prep Kings race, and maybe even the championship as well as the massive payout of $40 000.

The other day we were talking about power adders and how many cars of each different power adder have won a No Prep race so far.

We all know that Jeff Lutz’s brand new GTO is has an engine which is force-fed with additional air and additional horsepower by a twin turbo-charger, while lizzy’s new is of course helped by Nitrous, something that her dad has developed to near perfection and is famous for.

While many decide to view this race as a competition between the 405 team and team NOLA, we think that the most interesting way to view this is as a race between two different technologies.

Not to rob 405 or Nola of their success far from it, but the fact is that at the moment none of these racers are at the top of the leaderboard, thus their victory will not provide a huge lead in the championship points.

The first half of the No Prep Kings Championship has been owned by the procharger cars, so to see two different types of power adders fighting for the win in the finals is something that is truly magnificent in a way of not letting one type of car dominate the entire competition, so check out the race and see who gets the big win.

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