Team Attack Final Kayla Morton vs Disco Dean at No Prep Kings – Morrison, CO!!!

Check this, Team Attack Final Kayla Morton vs Disco Dean at No Prep Kings – Morrison, CO!!!

Once again we are headed to Bandimere Speedway located in between Lakewood and Morison Colorado, a place where John Bandimere Senior purchased some land back in 1958 and over the years managed to develop to a capacity of more than 23 thousand spectators who are in love with the sound of high strung engines and the smell of burning rubber and racing fuel.

A place which the National Hot Rod Association had dubbed Thunder Mountain which in addition hosts the NHRA’s Dodge//SRT Mile-High Nationals.

Today the thunder of the mountain is provided by a famous duo consisting of Kayla Morton and Disco Dean who are here to fight for the $15 000 prize in the Team Attack Final in order to show which team is the best one on the property of Bandimere Senior.

While we might have not seen much of Kayla Morton and the famous Hot Mess Express Mustang this year, we must remember that she was the one that gave Ryan Martin the run for his money a while back in the Outlaw Armageddon back in February where she almost got the win and surprised everybody including Ryan Martin.

In the lane next to her we have the goofiest and the funniest racer of them all, with the name to prove it AKA Disco Dean, a guy who has a very fast car and has been able to surprise many competitors when they thought they had the race in the bag.

To be honest this could be anyone’s race and we could not and would not bet against any of these racers.

This proves that once again we are going to be seeing a great race to the finish line so why don’t we play the video and find out which one of these guys will break the finish line beams first, enjoy.

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