Old School vs Modern Muscle Cars – drag racing

One of the biggest rivalries might not be the one between Chevy and Ford owners, as a matter a fact it
might not be between any specific brand lovers.

For many, this is the biggest rivalry because here these guys are trying to prove something else. It is not
just a battle of speed, this is a battle of cultures. The culture of giving TLC to a car that has been in the
family for (mostly) more than one generation and has literally been treated like a part of the family,
against the brand new muscle car which has just left the factory floor and it is filled with all the
necessities and systems to make you a better driver.

The old Muscle cars have tons of stories and history behind them while the new ones are yet to reach
that status after they have been in the family for more than a couple of years.

As we all know, nostalgia is ever-present in these situations and for the older folks behind the wheel of
the older Muscle car, it brings back the better times which they get to relive at least at the drag strip.

The lineup here is the same that you would find on any race of this sort, Shelby GT 500s, Dodge Demons
prevail in the category of new muscle, while the older drag cars are lining up Chevy Nova’s Classic 70's
Ford Mustang, Chevy Chevelle and many more.

While it is fairly easy to live with a brand new muscle car, our respect goes to the owners of the classic
muscle cars because we all know that unlike their “grandchildren” these machines are not filled with
amenities and tons of comfort, instead every time these guys send it, they really feel it all.
So check out the video and see who gets to the finish line first.

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