OKC Street Outlaws Star Big Chief’s New Engine!!!

Check this, OKC Street Outlaws Star Big Chief’s New Engine!!!

Believe it or not, for nearly 300 weeks Sim has gathered all the info that he can about the street racing world and then managed to find the time to sit down put everything together, and film his video in order to bring us the best of the street racing world.

We cannot and should not sit back and let this go without praise because the determination that this young kid is demonstrating towards the entire street racing world is uncanny and we are sure that his persistence is one of the most important things that is driving him forward.

Over the years he has proven that if you put your mind to something everything is achievable and we say that as we are on the verge of the 300th episode of his show, a feature that is not reached by many much more famous YouTubers whose shows are not even based on such complexed informational topics.

In today’s episode, he brings us much-awaited news about many topics and one of them involves another popular YouTuber from the channel called Street Racing Channel.

We are of course talking about Billy The Kid and his family.

A few months ago we could have talked about Billy the Kid and his dad, however since we now have Tommy, Billy’s brother being a regular at the races, we have to acknowledge him.

Sim has new information about their engine choices and Mopar is sounding pretty well at the moment, with all the stuff that it brings with it.

On the subject of engines, it seems that Sim’s main topic is headed towards covering Big Chief and his engine choice.

So why don’t we play the video and see and hear for ourselves which power plant is Big Chief leaning towards, according to Sim?

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