Race Ends in Huge Cloud of Smoke on Street Outlaws Memphis!!!

Take a look at this, Race Ends in Huge Cloud of Smoke on Street Outlaws Memphis!!!

Once again we are back to the part when racers talk about which car is street legal and which one is not.

To be honest with you, over the years we have seen many different forms of race cars and we all know that nearly all of the owners claim that they are streetcars and that they should be eligible to race them on the street because of this.

The reality is that nearly all of these cars have been modified so heavily that while they might be street legal, nearly none of them are a real streetcar. All of these cars should classify as race cars.

These are machines that have had so much done to them in the pursuit of horsepower that we should not expect to see any of them sitting at a stoplight idling waiting for the light to turn green.

Nearly all of them require special treatment before a race and that takes them even further away from being just a regular streetcar, as all of them like to claim.

In today’s race, we find Precious in the right lane, and Jeff Haggard in the left with a bet of $500 sitting between them as a regular prize for the team that gets to the finish line first.

Unfortunately, one of them finds out how sleek this road is the hard way and after some seesawing at the wheel, the driver manages to “park” the car in the dirt next to the finish line.

As always the most important thing is that he gets to walk away from that incident with not even a bruise if we don’t count the ones to the ego.

Check out this great race and see who goes in the dirt and what JJ thinks about who gets to go home with the money from the bet.

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