Daddy Dave’s Goliath is Back: Transmission Rebuild & Dyno!!!

Check this, Daddy Dave’s Goliath is Back: Transmission Rebuild & Dyno!!!

At each event we see these guys drive the 8th of a mile back and forth however rarely do we actually know how much driving they did in order to get there.

This time we catch a glimpse of the drive that some of them are doing between races and today we are riding with Daddy Dave as he drives around to get a few things checked on the mega-popular Goliath.

After grabbing a few parts that he needs for the Goliath, Dave is headed to take the transmission to the professionals for some TLC.

These things are always cheaper to get maintained on time instead of waiting for them to fail in a middle of a run costing Daddy Dave and the Goliath an event, not just the money that will be needed for a rebuilt.

After all, this is done, Daddy Dave gives us a close-up look at his brand new cylinder heads as well as the block showing us all the cool stuff that a HEMI has.

Taking a look at nearly all the shiny internals inside the Goliath is one of the coolest ways to give us a short reminder class on how things run inside the cylinder head of that HEMI, and which things tend to fail more than others.

It is always amazing to see how much craftsmanship and precise machining goes into building these engines and believe us, the situation is the same with the transmission as well as any other part of the car, because to get the best performance of what the rules allow these guys need to make sure everything is as good as it gets.

So check out Daddy Dave’s video and try and keep him company as he travels around the country to get all the things done in time for the Goliath to be ready for the next race.

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