Another New Murder Nova!!

Check this, Another New Murder Nova is Here!!!

It has been a while since we have brought you Sim and his Street Race Talk videos, so why don’t we dive into his thoughts and see what he has been up to lately.

The first subject that he brings us is about Jackie and Big Chief, a couple that went from making a video once in a while to make a video every week, showing real PR skills and making sure that their fan base has what it takes to keep them occupied over the winter.

We are sure that we will be seeing these two at the races as well however it seems very smart of them to start making more and more videos, especially since the comment section on their YouTube channel was filled with such requests by their viewers which essentially make up their fan base.

While we are on the subject of the fan base, Sim is also happy to hear that Big Chief and Jackie will start to visit all the race events that they can manage to get to, no matter how big or small or how far away they are.

What is even more important is that some of these events are not followed by a huge crowd and they are more of the local kind, meaning that apart from the racers themselves not too many people frequent these events.

For Jackie and Big Chief to show up at such an event is nothing less than a big promo boost because they will end up promoting the event in a matter that none of the other racers in attendance can.

This will only provide bigger and better coverage for these events and attract more and more sponsors, and hopefully get better deals for the racers themselves, which is always great news, more money in their pocket always means faster cars at the race.

To find out more about the other subjects as always play the video and let Sim tell you all about the main topic as well as the others.

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