Nitrous Camaro Crash at No Problem Raceway No Prep Kings in Belle Rose, LA!!!

Take a look at this, Nitrous Camaro Crash at No Problem Raceway No Prep Kings in Belle Rose, LA!!!

We are once again headed to the Belle Rose track in Louisiana, AKA No Problem Raceway where the No Prep Kings Championship brought the thunder last weekend.

Amongst the many competitors, there was Kyle Megginson with his nitrous puffing Camaro powered by a Musi engine.

This Bankston Boyz Racing Team car was showing everybody that there is still plenty of power to be made by a nitrous engine, however unfortunately near the end kinda showed us all the ugly side of all that power.

When he crossed the halfway marker on the track, it was getting pretty obvious that he is in trouble and the car was not putting the power down like it was supposed to, instead it was already spinning the wheels and veering out of control.

It is obvious that these guys had put just a bit too much power in the tune and Kyle Megginson was soon in trouble, not being able to counter the slide which was taking him directly into his closest wall.

Unfortunately, the impact was so severe that the car bounced off the wall and slid across the track, and met the other wall at speed, collecting even more damage while doing so.

 At the moment we do not have any information from the Bankston Boyz Racing Team about the crash and whether it was a malfunction of some sort that caused the crash or was it just a regular loss of grip like it looked like from afar.

The most important thing as always is the fact that Kyle Megginson is uninjured and walked away from the crash, so as always the safety equipment did its job and kept the driver safe.

So check out this video and see this unfortunate high-speed crash that led to some serious damage on a very fast car.

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