Team Attack Final No Prep Kings Belle Rose, LA Ryan Martin Vs Justin Swanstrom!!!

Check this, Team Attack Final No Prep Kings Belle Rose, LA Ryan Martin Vs Justin Swanstrom!!!

To be honest these two names have appeared quite a few times this year with the title final next to their name so once again as not really a surprise, we find Justin Swanstrom AKA Lil Country, and Ryan Martin in the last race.

Many have dubbed him the next rising star of No Prep and to be honest, we can already picture him in the fight for the title in the next season of the No Prep Kings Championship.

As proof for our idea, we have him sitting at the second spot at the moment in this Championship sharing his second spot with Kye Kelley and Robin Roberts, as they all three sit trailing Ryan Martin by 40 points coming into this event.

This time we don’t get to see them in the actual invitational finals, instead they will be deciding the faith of the Team Attack Finals.

Team 405 has been pretty successful this year and there is no doubt that Ryan Martin wants to show Lil Country that he has what it takes to stay ahead of these guys with two races to go.

We all remember that the second season went to Mike Murillo with just a ten-point lead ahead of Ryan Martin and we are sure that Ryan would not want this to happen again, and a win here would mean a lot to him and his team.

On the other hand, Jason “Lil Country” Swanstrom would love to grab the win here and live inside Ryan’s head rent-free for the next few days as it all goes down to the line.

With the championship at stake, we are sure that it is not hard guessing wrong on the tune and getting a bad run in the final so let’s check out the race and see if any of these guys will make a mistake.

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