Jeff Lutz In No Prep Kings Invitationals Belle Rose Final vs Disco Dean!!!

Take a look at this, Jeff Lutz In No Prep Kings Invitationals Belle Rose Final vs Disco Dean!!!

Once again we are bringing you the final from the No Prep Kings event and this time we have a couple of guys that are not your usual suspects.

Today we are headed to the No Problem Raceway also known as the Belle Rose, where the No Prep Kings caravan has been staying this weekend.

Over the years we have seen many different guys in the finals however after all the trouble he has been thru we could not wait to see Jeff Lutz get this far.

The new car is the famous GTO which has been putting down some good runs this season and it is undoubtedly much faster than the famous Chevy 55.

Getting him to the finals is once again a testament that the GTO has what it takes to keep beating the competition and get better results than the current one.

At the moment Jeff Lutz sits on the 19th position of the official No Prep Kings leaderboard and we are sure that this is a number that he would like to soon forget and battle it out with his buddy Ryan Martin for a position much higher up on the leaderboard.

Disco Dean, on the other hand, has the Stinky Pinky sitting at the 13th spot hoping to get much closer to the top after winning this event.

As we all know both of these guys wouldn’t mind the $40,000 cash prize in their pocket and cannot wait to show everybody that they have deserved them.

Before they can do that, however, they must stay cool and keep that button pressed on that steering wheel until they see the green light that sets the cars free to launch towards the finish line.

So check out the video and see who gets to bring the cash home and get the glory of being unbeaten at the No Problem Raceway.

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