Camaro Sticks Landing After Going Airborne Lights Out 12!!!

Check this, Camaro Sticks Landing After Going Airborne Lights Out 12!!!

Before you start thinking that this is the winner of some wheelstand competition we have to tell you that this was not planned when building the car.

While it does look like this is a video from the Byron Wheelstand Contest, this is actually footage from the Lights Out 12 event which was held back on 24-28th February of this year.

 This small tire event was held in South Georgia Motorsports Park and at the end of the entire event, it was Jason Lee who was holding the prize money and the trophy after defeating Marcus Birt.

While Lee was winning, however, many eyes were turned towards Tim Slavens who according to the car data spent a little over three seconds in the air behind the wheel of his Camaro.

The Missouri driver got to experience firsthand what it like to be “taken” by a tornado and relocated against your will as he explained that the three seconds that he spent in the air, felt more like fifteen minutes, due to the fact that you are just a passenger at that point and all you can think off is going back to solid ground, where you can actually do something about controlling the car.

What he explained about the round was easily noticeable in the video. They decided to put in a bit more in the middle because they were sure that the car will be able to put the power down, however, it was the fast-moving air under the car that caught them by surprise.

As soon as the car landed from the first wheelie, the “bit more” in the middle part came in and it lifted the front tires off the ground again, this time at some serious speed. Well, the rest is on video so might as well check it out and see what happened.

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