Ryan Martin Vs Daddy Dave Grudge Race at NPK Ennis, Tx!!!

Check this, Ryan Martin Vs Daddy Dave Grudge Race at NPK Ennis, Tx!!!

This might be one of the duels that we have been waiting for for quite a while.

You see since both Ryan Martin and Daddy Dave got the newest procharger this season we have watched how extremely fast both cars are at the track.

These guys were testing together and we are sure that the good buddies that they are these guys have even shared their time slips, however, this is information that never got leaked to the public and we have not heard of how fast both of these cars are compared to each other.

While in a perfect situation we would have been seeing both cars line up against each other at an elimination round or maybe even a semi-final or a final of the event, this time we get to see them at a grudge race.

While as we have mentioned many times, these grudge races are a great way to check the grip of the tires and see what the track can take and what will leave the tires shacking and the traction control working overtime, we still think that this can be a very interesting race.

We all know that Daddy Dave is stuck at the bottom of the leaderboard for the No Prep Kings Championship, while on the other hand his buddy Ryan Martin is leading the pack in front of the most famous couple in street racing, comprised of Kye Kelley and Lizzy Musi, so this might be a chance for Dave to shine and show everybody that the Goliath is faster than the gray Camaro.

At the same time, Ryan is trying to find out how far the limits of his car are at this track, and might easily overpower the car, so without further ado, let’s play the video and see who gets the big “W” in this very close race.

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