Kye Kelley Vs Shawn Wilhoit -Team attack Finals No Prep Kings Ennis, TX!!!

Take a look at this, Kye Kelley Vs Shawn Wilhoit -Team attack Finals No Prep Kings Ennis, TX!!!

About 40 miles from downtown Dallas there is a small place that many have not heard of. That is of course unless they have been following drag racing and No Prep Kings races, this day in particular.

The Texas Motorplex as it is known is a race track with a quarter-mile that has been accepting racers for about 35 years now and has been letting them find out who is the best of the best once they are behind the wheel of their fast car.

Once again we are headed to Ennis Texas where this time it is the Team Attack final race of the No Prep Kings Championship event, and lining up against one another is the guy sitting in second place on the leaderboard Kye Kelley and a racer who currently shares the 27th spot with Jerry Monza.

Since this is the final race, as always there is much more to be had than bragging rights, so these guys are racing for the trophy as well as $15,000.

One of these guys will have a stack of dollar bills on the roof of his car within minutes and we all know that both of them would love to be that guy.

Kye Kelley has made some massive changes to his car and this is why he is sitting at the second spot right behind Ryan Martin so going into this race we are sure that most of us look at him as being the favorite for the win. However, we have to remember that this is racing and there are tons of things that can go wrong in a split second so if we were Kye Kelley, we would not count the cash before those blue and green lights start flashing at the end of the track.

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