Murder Nova vs Disco Dean Invitational Rd 2 at No Prep Kings – Ennis, TX!!!

Check this, Murder Nova vs Disco Dean Invitational Rd 2 at No Prep Kings – Ennis, TX!!!

Once again we are headed to the Texas Motorplex at Ennis Texas where the No Prep Kings Championship event has been held this weekend.

We are at the second round of the invitational where in the third race we find Shawn Ellington behind the wheel of the Murder Nova lining up against no other than Disco Dean piloting the Stinky Pinky.

The last time these two went head to head was back in July at the Mohnton Pennsylvania event when they were about to race in the Team Attack Finals.

Unfortunately for us, as well as the Murder Nova team, these guys did not get the chance to test each other’s abilities since, after the burnout, the Murder Nova decided to play dead and was not able to start the race.

To be honest, back then we were expecting a great race between these two since we all know that both of these cars are very fast and both of the drivers would love to show their opponent who is faster as they stack up their $15,000 on their roof.

This race is somewhat of a second chance between Murder Nova and Disco Dean, and we are sure that Shawn Ellington would love to even the scores between them by winning this race and showing Disco Dean what kind of trouble would he have been in if the Murder Nova decided to cooperate that July evening.

This time all we can hope for is that both cars don’t display any problems and that both of the drivers are happy with how their vehicles performed.

The results would be of course a very important part of the race, so let us play the video and find out if Shawn Ellington in the Murder Nova will get his chance for revenge after his ride had let him down last time he met Disco Dean.

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