Is this the Greatest Save in Drag Racing History!?

Check this and tell us, Is this the Greatest Save in Drag Racing History!?

Over the years we are sure you have seen this title many times, and while many have used it to get you to click on their video, let us assure you that this is not the case here.

The video takes us to the NHRA’s FallNationals “Stampede of Speed” which is held at the Texas Motorplex. During this event, or more precisely, during the second round of elimination races, the well-known racer from Weatherford, Texas, Jeff Jones was occupying the left lane next to his opponent Chad Green, who is coming from Midland, Texas.

Near the half of the track, it was obvious that Jeff Jones was in trouble and his car was pointed at the lane which Chad Green was in. He nearly got it straight and managed to keep it away from the opposite lane however at that speed within a split second the car snapped in the opposite direction.

Pretty soon he was flying sideways with the rear of the car skidding on the centerline. What happened next was truly amazing as the enormous power of the wind at that speed, picked up the rear wheels clean off the ground and into the air, leaving him to try and steer with only two wheels touching the ground, not an easy task for sure.

Unbelievably, Jeff managed to keep the car away from the wall, and pretty soon he is rolling down the track with no damage, however facing the wrong way.

Additionally to the driving that Jeff performed, was surely the praise from the commentator as he yells at him on live TV to hold on to it, something that you don’t hear that often and, to be honest, it was a very nice thing to hear.

So check out this amazing save and tell us if it is the best one yet, in the comment section.

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