Chuck Nearly Crashes Into Opponent In The First Race!!!

Check this, Chuck Nearly Crashes Into Opponent In The First Race!!! 

Another brand new start and another list shakeup is what we are bringing you in this video where Chuck finds out that he might have put a bit too much in it, for what this road can take.

Amongst the first few pairs that the chips bring us is the race between Shawn Ellington in his Murder Nova, and Ryan Martin in the Fireball Camaro.

To be honest, having the first race against no other than Ryan Martin is a very tough challenge for Shawn and we all know that the Fireball Camaro is arguably the fastest car on the property, a fact that even Shawn mentions himself.

We know that Shawn is a good tuner and we hope that he can at least put in a tune that is good enough to give the Fireball Camaro a good fight, and let’s face it, we wouldn’t mind if he even wins, because it would sure make the list more interesting.

Amongst the other pairs that are getting drawn from the chips is of course the race between Chuck Seitsinger in the Death Trap and Dominator in the preferred right hand lane, a race which is bringing much more excitement than any of the racers wanted or expected.

After the hard and nearly simultaneous launch from the starting line, both cars are picking up speed at a very fast rate, until the Death Trap snaps violently towards the center line straight unto Dominator, causing Chuck to abort the run in order to keep both cars and drivers safe.

A vise decision was followed by some serious display of driving skills, proving once again that Chuck has that Death Trap under control even in the worst times.

So sit back relax and check out the video to see the action from the list shake up.

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