Did Big Chief leave Street Outlaws after a Fight with Precious Cooper?

Wait what, Did Big Chief leave Street Outlaws after a Fight with Precious Cooper?

In the past year, we heard numerous stories about how and why did Big Chief leave the show and many of them were including the fight between him and Precious from the Memphis crew.

Now, we all know that JJ Da Boss and his crew are legit down-to-earth street racers, however, so is Big Chief and his girlfriend Jackie. She comes from a racing family and she has been around the sport for her entire life, albeit mostly around the track instead of the street but she does have a real racing background.

According to the rumors, the disagreement started between Big Chief and Precious and Jackie decided to join, and we all know how it all ended.

It was Big Chief who walked away from the rest of the guys and even walked away from the show that he helped build, especially the competition called America’s List, which as he mentioned on a few occasions was his brainchild which he managed to put together.

While this is all in the past, the fact is that we all saw the video when he tells us why he decided to step down from the Race-master duties and give the torch, or on this occasion, the starting light to Shawn Murder Nova Ellington.

One of the most important things we saw in the video that Big Chief made in order to tell everybody why he decided to quit, must be the fun part of racing. He insisted that his career in the Street Outlaws shows had lost the fun part of racing, so he went back to the streets to try and search for the fun in street racing, which says a lot about him.

So let us check out this video and see what else these guys have been able to dig up, in order to explain why di Big Chief leave the show.


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