Dyno Testing with No Prep Kings Champion Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro!!!

Take a look at this, Dyno Testing with No Prep Kings Champion Ryan Martin’s Fireball Camaro!!!

While many might remember the fifth season of No Prep Kings as the third time in a row that Ryan Martin
managed to grab the championship, the reality is that it was not as easy as it sounds, and Ryan Martin
was not as dominant as many had expected after the second crown.

At one point during the season, Ryan was in third place and Jerry Bird was leading the championship in
an incredible turn of events, and while near the end he managed to get ahead in points the
championship was really decided in the last race, once again.

A few of the racers that had decided to switch to a screw blower combo really managed to get their
teams and cars together and started dominating at some tracks, showing everybody that this is a
combination that is to be respected and feared.

For the sixth iteration of the championship, many started spreading rumors that Ryan will be making a
change as well and the gray Fireball Camaro might be getting a screw blower, however, as we see in
today’s video, it is still powered by a proline and a procharger.

Unfortunately, Ryan could not make it to this testing session but his faithful crew chief Javier Canales,
the popular Javi is on the spot with the car and they are about to put it thru the ringer, with not just one
round or one pull, instead, these guys will be testing the gray car for two days.

During testing, we all know that they are going to be trying different setups and different engine
management maps so this promises to be one entertaining and very lout video, so turn up the speakers
and let us join the guy’s ad Fuel Tech as they take the championship winning car thru the ringer, enjoy.

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