Street Outlaws is Getting Sued?!

Wait a minute, Street Outlaws is Getting Sued?!

One of the most repeated phrases we have used over the years is; Motorsport is dangerous.

This is the reality that we have tried to convey to the rest of the world that is not involved in racing, in order to explain that this is a sport where many have lost their lives and no matter how brutal it sounds, that is the actual truth.

Street racing is still one of the most dangerous forms of racing and unfortunately, the most popular street racing show, Street Outlaws, has seen a life perish during filming.

While this happened a while ago, it seems that the family of the victim are pointing the finger at the production of the show, and they have filed a lawsuit, to try and get their case heard.

According to Sim, one of the most informed YouTubers out there regarding Street Racing and No Prep racing in general, the family of the victim is suing the production blaming them that the road that the races were held on, was not wide enough.

While we are very sorry for their loss, and we cannot comprehend the huge tragedy that they have been thru, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that this is street racing, and we don’t think there are certain rules regarding the size of the lanes, or the road itself.

On the other hand, in the few amateur races that I have entered, there has always been some sort of a waiver relieving the organizer from any type of responsibility in case of an accident, so I would not expect the Street Outlaws production not to do the same, this is regular practice around the world of racing.

So to find out more about what is going on with this lawsuit, let’s play the video and hear Sim out.

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