Kye Kelley’s New Engine Combination for No Prep Kings Season 6!!

Take a look at this, Kye Kelley’s New Engine Combination for No Prep Kings Season 6!!

Street Outlaws fans have been eagerly waiting for updates on Kye Kelley’s new engine combination for the upcoming season 6 of “No Prep Kings”, and the latest news is sure to excite them. Kelley has confirmed that he will be switching from a nitrous engine to a Noonan Hemi with a screw blower.

Kelley reportedly felt that the Pat Meucci 959 engine he had been using was holding him back in winning the championship, as it was too heavy and not powerful enough to compete against other engines. With the new Noonan Hemi engine, which is expected to be the 4-9 version, Kelley will be able to produce significantly more power, which will give him a competitive edge.

It’s not just Kelley who is switching to the Noonan Hemi engine. Other competitors, including Justin Swanson and Daddy Dave, have also made the switch, making it clear that this engine is becoming increasingly popular in the world of street racing.

The switch to the Noonan Hemi engine is likely to create a more level playing field in the upcoming season 6 of “No Prep Kings”. With several top competitors using the same engine, fans can expect to see some close and exciting races.

As the season approaches, fans can expect more updates from Kelley and the other racers on their engines and other preparations for the competition. Street Outlaws fans are sure to be eagerly anticipating the start of season 6, which promises to be an exciting and action-packed season with plenty of surprises in store.

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  1. If this is a sport you would like?to play.then don’t cry if shit happens!!😡am sick and tired of people.who don’t have a clue.on how this sport is played.they don’t cry when they win big money$but ready to SUE when shit goes wrong!! If you can not handel the real.don’t bring those big dreams of winning.remember.shit out.

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