First Wash in 34 Years: BARN FIND Corvette Stingray!!!

Take a look at this, First Wash in 34 Years: BARN FIND Corvette Stingray!!!

While many times we hear about buried treasure, there are times when the treasure is hiding just behind
a flimsy door that need some persuasion in order to open and real the things it is trying to hide.

This door in particular has not been opened since 1989 and it is believed that it is hiding something quite
special, a Corvette Stingray that has been parked for nearly three and a half decades.

The owner is not something that we are used to whenever we find an American Classic like this one and
we say that because mainly these cars are not usually the spur-of-the-moment kind of buy, however
interestingly enough this one is.

Every time we see a car like this uncovered from a barn, the first thing that comes to mind is that a car
like this, a classic American muscle does not deserve to be locked away and forgotten about, and the
fact that it has broken thru the concrete floor justifies our opinion.

It is apparent that the state that this car is in upon discovery leaves a lot to be desired and some TLC
might just be what this gorgeous machine needs in order to get back to its former glory.
Lucky for the owner, the right guys are on the job and what these guys do is much more than a wash as
the title would have you expecting, instead, these guys literally turn back time and turn the pile of dust
that was discovered, into a real treasure.

Near the end of the video is when the owner takes a look at the car after all that elbow grease that these
guys have used up trying to get the car into the best shape that they can, so check out this great video
and see another American Classic get ready to go back on the road.

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