Disco Dean vs Larry Larson Grudge Race on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at Beechbend Raceway!!!

Take a look at this, Disco Dean vs Larry Larson Grudge Race on Street Outlaws No Prep Kings at Beechbend Raceway!!!

It is Cadillac on Cadillac crime time, as we bring you the race between Disco Dean and the guy who owned the fastest street car in the world, Larry Larson.

The first thing we would love to address is the fact that Disco Dean has a brand new caddy for this race and it is a CTS-V which unfortunately still has not been named.

This in itself is a funny story because we all know that Disco Dean had named his old car The Stinky Pinky, and while there are some people that have found this inappropriate or even offensive, let us state that we loved his sense of humor and of course the name of his old car.

This time he has a different name in mind and he has set his sights on the “Pink Penetrator” for the reason of him wanting to penetrate into the winner’s circle of the championship unlike what some were probably thinking when they read the name for the first time.

At the moment, this name is on hold because as we all know, these days many of the bigger changes have to be approved by The Discovery channel who might have something to say about Disco Dean’s sense of humor which obviously guides his car naming process.

Even if he fails to convince The Discovery leadership that the Ping Penetrator is not an offensive name, he will still end up with a brand-new Caddy named The Stinky Pinky 4.

Another interesting fact is that this car has not been thru the regular shakedown process that race cars require, instead he will be performing the shakedown at the Beechbend Racewey, during this racing weekend, hopping for the best.

With a power unit made out of a 521 cubic-inch BAE HEMI and a Rossler TH400 transmission, this should be a great match up between the two CTS-V Cadillacs racing in the No Prep Kings Championship, enjoy. 

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