Great 8 Final Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley Street Outlaws No Prep Kings – Beechbend Raceway!!!

Check this, Great 8 Final Ryan Martin vs Kye Kelley Street Outlaws No Prep Kings – Beechbend Raceway!!!

For a split second there we thought that this is the same video from last week because we read the Final and the names Kye Kelley and Ryan Martin we thought that there has been a mistake of some sort.

However, we quickly realized that these guys are once again fighting for the top spot but in a different league if you will.

Yes, we are talking about the former Team Attack series which had morphed into the Great 8, which to be honest is kind of different from last year mainly because we will keep seeing the same 8 racers fight for the top spot over and over again.

Not that we are complaining that we have to watch the fastest No Prep Kings guys, but the diversity of the winners will be decreasing this year unlike the last.

You see, we are once again trying to find out if the 405 will be able to keep dominating the Great 8 like it has been doing over and over again this season.

So far Daddy Dave is the most successful racer in this series with two wins, grabbing the top spot on the second and the third race, and following behind him are Ryan Martin who won the first round and Lizzy Musi who managed to win the fourth round.

Interestingly enough, Ryan has managed to get the gray Fireball Camaro in the finals three times already hoping for the second win which would tie him with Daddy Dave.

This is the second time for Kye Kelley in the finals of the Great 8 and that means that this race will determine if he will get 10 points like the last time or possibly get ahead of the gray car the way that his girlfriend did and grab 20 points towards the invitationals race.

So, check out the video and see who gets to turn on the winner’s light at the end of the track.

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