Wicked Save for Ryan Martin on Friday the 13th at Maple Grove!!!

Check this Wicked Save for Ryan Martin on Friday the 13th at Maple Grove!!!

While many of us consider Friday the 13th to be the most unfortunate date on our calendar, truth is, there are numerous versions as to why we do this.

Some connect this date with Judas, as being the thirteen and as we all know the very unlucky Apostol. Others connect the date with Friday, October 13, 1307, when by the order of King Philip IV of France, hundreds of defenders of the Holy Land were arrested and persecuted because they are part of the order of the Knights Templar, with many of them executed.

Whatever the reason for triskaidekaphobia (yes that’s what people that fear Friday the 13th are called), it seems that Ryan Martin is definitely not one of them, as he is about to demonstrate this in the video that we are bringing you today.

The Gray Fireball Camaro is in the right lane and Ryan is staging against Jerry Bird, a guy who at the moment is on top of the Street Outlaws No Prep Kings Season 5 Leaderboard and has been doing very, very good this year so far.

While the video angle is not perfect and we cannot see if Jerry treed Ryan, or if his car just outperformed the gray Camaro in the 60-foot, just past the middle of the run Jerry got out of shape and had to lift, giving the win to Ryan.

As soon as Jerry lifted, it seemed that Ryan is in trouble as well and for a split second there it looked like the gray Camaro will be meeting the wall at Maple Grove, in the wrong lane at that, but somehow Ryan managed to hold the car into a huge slide and keep it out of the wall.

This is truly something you have to see to believe so check out the video and see how Ryan managed to save the gray Fireball Camaro from crashing.

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