Reacting To Big Chiefs “Controversial” Win at War In The Woods!!

Take a look at this, Reacting To Big Chiefs “Controversial” Win at War In The Woods!!

Ever since he left the show that he helped build Street Outlaws, it seems like Big Chief has not had a day off.

This guy has been so busy with going to legendary tracks, testing, making videos, and even managed to make time to win an entire event.

Yes, we are talking about the War of The Woods event which has been all over the internet lately with opinions that differ from one another.

While many have been happy with the way Big Chief managed to find the right tune-up for the terrible surface at the Brown County Indiana track, there have been those who would like to take away from his achievement and complain that he got the win by burning the car in the other lane down.

While many have used this excuse before, we all know that burning down your opponent is very frowned upon by other racers for the sole reason it can damage the car quite significantly and cause all sorts of problems during the event.

However, the complaint that these guys had about the way Big Chief stages turns out to be with his huge burnout.

We have all seen the 405 guys do massive burnouts over and over again, and in fact, Big Chief is not the one that usually does to biggest one of them all. If you have followed the 405, it is Ryan Martin who does the longest hallway-down the track type of burnout.

As Sim will try to explain, this is not an effective way to burn anybody down and the reason for it is the fact that the opponent’s car is idling during the burnout so there is no reason for it to get too hot and have any significant drop in performance.

So check out the video and see if you can find any fault with the way Big Chief staged during War in The Woods.

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One thought on “Reacting To Big Chiefs “Controversial” Win at War In The Woods!!

  1. Chief is a big crybaby every time he races there’s controversy. He should just quit this all started on the outlaw show. I was faithful until you really started watching and after a couple seasons it wasn’t hard to tell he was a ting like a spoiled child. If it was my track he would be banned period. Time for him to hang it up.

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