Big Chief Wins War in the Woods!!!

Now take a look at this, Big Chief Wins War in the Woods!!!

Just the other day we brought you a video from War in the Woods where Big Chief was successfully putting down runs on the sketchy surface in Brown County Indiana.

He was racing a 1969 Chevy Camaro AKA Black Widow with Gerry Williams behind the wheel and he prove to everybody that he can once again excel at the tuning game and get his mega-popular Crow down to the finish line faster than the guys in the next lane.

If we manage to ignore the terrible quality of the video, we can kinda go back in time as once again Big Chief visits small local events where he can race against the best in the area and see how competitive The Crow and his tuning skills are against the guys that have been racing here for much longer than him.

The locals have been down this track numerous times and we are sure that they have tons of data compared to the few passes that Big Chief has been able to put together over the weekend.

He has just a few days to get in grips with the situation and to find out how fast The Crow will be able to go down this uneven surface, and most of the runs that he will be able to do will be with a competitor breathing down his neck in the other lane, trying to throw the kitchen sink at it, in order to prove that he can beat the famous racer.

We know that the real OG racers at this track will give him the credit he deserves for just showing up to these small events, but winning the entire Big Tire category is something that Big Chief is here to do and he will not shoot for anything less, so check out the video and see it for yourself.

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