Big Chief At War In The Woods!!!

Check this, Big Chief At War In The Woods!!!

A few days back we brought you an episode of Big Chief and Jackie as they conquer Yello Belly, a legendary race track, and we told you that that was the best episode we have seen on their channel to date.

If you watched the episode you know that these guys were on their way to War in the Woods, a very popular event with one of the roughest tracks we have seen in a while.

It is true that this season, nearly all the racing that the Street Outlaws have done has been on good roads that just tend to pick up the levels of grip with every car that goes down the road or the track, however, it seems that this is quite the opposite.

The War in the Woods event was scheduled for last week, but the weather decided that it should change the organizer’s plans and due to the heavy rain that was coming up for the 6-7 May, the event had to be moved to this weekend.

Brown County Indiana is where this track is located and apparently, these guys could not wait to see Big Chief make a pass in The Crow on their sketchy surface, and try the beat the local hero Gerry Williams and his famous 1969 Chevy Camaro AKA Black Widow.

While it is unfortunate to have such an important battle on such low-quality video, we have to be grateful for what we have at the moment, at least until we can get some high-resolution video of the race that will be able to show us much more details about this track as well as about this long-awaited race.

So check out this amazing spectacle which apparently means the world to the local fans of Big Chief and Jackie and see if Chief will be able to get a win.

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