Big Name Driver QUITS No Prep Kings!!!

Take a look at this, Big Name Driver QUITS No Prep Kings!!!

These are the times that Sim has been waiting for as he jumps on the No Prep Kings Championship news that we would love to find out about.

One of the more important things that Sim can’t wait to tell us is the fact that Chuck is back.

If you are not sure what this means, we will gladly freshen up your memory.

You see, a while back the news dropped that one of the more popular 405 racers is headed to jail where he was going to spend about a month and a half, and we were of course talking about Chuck Seitsinger, a very popular racer that has been a part of the 405 and No Prep Kings Championships since the beginning.

Well for quite a while there were speculations about his trip thru the justice system and whether he will be losing a few races while locked up, and how will this affect his chances for the No Prep Kings title.

Another news and a very interesting topic is the fact that the producers and race organizers have created a Bounty system against Ryan Martin.

As you may or may not know, Ryan Martin has won this championship twice in a row and many would agree that he is the fastest guy on the property every time he shows up for a race.

Well with this system they are basically admitting to this because they are awarding extra cash if a racer beats Ryan and the Gray Camaro that he races in this series, after retiring the famous Red Fireball Camaro to the streets where it has been understandably a formidable opponent.

So check out Sim’s newest video and let him tell you all about the news that he has about which driver is leaving the No Prep Kings game and why he has decided to do so.

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