LOVE IN THE AIR, Lizzy Musi vs Chuck Street Outlaws America’s List Season 2 !!!!

Check this, LOVE IN THE AIR, Lizzy Musi vs Chuck Street Outlaws America’s List Season 2 !!!!

These guys have been racing each other for years now and over the years there have been plenty of friendships established and lost on the streets, however from time to time, we get a friendship like the one that Chuck and Lizzy Musi have.

If you remember last year during America’s List racing, these two ended up at the very bottom of the list.

Chuck was actually dead last on the list and whenever he started going up the list, it was always Lizzy in his way so he had to race her numerous times in order for him to get up the list towards the desired top ten.

Race by race, these guys made sure to stay fair to each other and with their jokes and pranks managed to entertain us as well as the others that were present at the races.

During the NPK season, these guys were also racing each other and having fun and even Kye Kelley being the great sport that he is, joined in the action and started cracking jokes on the subject.

This time it is all much different because these guys are both in the winner’s bracket and even the loser from this race will end up in the ninth spot, which is a huge improvement for both of them from last year, especially for Chuck who like we said was stuck at the bottom of the list.

IT is much easier to joke around when the worst you can end up after this race is being in the top ten of America’s fastest street racers so they are truly enjoying all of this much more than last year.

So check out this race and the great frame of mind that these guys are in, and see if there is something more there than just jokes.

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