Why Big Chief Isn’t Running NPK!!!

Check this, Why Big Chief Isn’t Running NPK!!!

We once again turn our attention to Sim who has made a new video that is here for us to find out more than what we know about street racing and No Prep Racing.

The subject today is of course Big Chief who it appears will not be showing up for the No Prep Kings Championship.

However, before Sim gets to this as always, he wants to talk about something else that was truly terrible to watch, the crash between JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia Day.

According to Sim, and many others, this has been the most devastating crash that we have seen on the Street Outlaws series and this is not the best way that you want your race to be remembered especially when you are family with the other racer.

If you by any chance have missed this terrible accident, let us tell you what happened.

After the finish line, JJ’s car caught fire, and his entire cabin was filled with huge flames which were caused by an oil or fuel leak, this is when JJ lost control and ran into Tricia’s rear quarter panel, sending her into the staff cars that were placed to absorb the impact before the concrete barrier.

Something similar to the crash that Kamikaze had when he lost the El Camino.

JJ ended up rolling his car and both of them went to the hospital.

Tricia had some broken bones and JJ had burns on his hands and face.

This terrible incident will probably take both of them off America’s List but as always the most important thing is that they are both here.

As for the main topic in Sim’s video, why Big Chief is not going to be running the NPK championship as always, we will let him tell you all about it, so play the video and find out.

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