First Fire Up and Pass of 2022 For The No Prep Kings Murder Nova!!!

Check this, First Fire Up and Pass of 2022 For The No Prep Kings Murder Nova!!!

As many have done before, Shawn Murder Nova Ellington has decided that he needs a big update before he can race the Murder Nova in the No Prep Kings racing championship.

This is why this video starts with Phantom driving to the race car shop to pick up the updated lighter, faster, and more technologically advanced Murder Nova, hoping that this will be the car that dominates the NPK Championship.

Before they get to the first No Prep Kings race, however, they need to go thru the very important shakedown process which will tell them all about the small issues that the car has, that need tweaking before they start making passes against the competition.

The shakedown process will allow them not only to tune the car to their liking but will also show small anomalies which have the potential to disrupt a good run.

Once you check out the video Phantom will tell you all the updates that have been installed on the NPK Murder Nova and believe us, there is plenty of brand new technology that might show its weakness in one form or another.

For example, this NPK Murder Nova is running smart electronic Wastegates that have only been installed on a few cars in the entire country, which automatically means that there are not many tuners that can work on getting these Wastegates to their peak performance relative to the rest of the car.

Phantom will have to put in extra hours at the shop to get all this figured out and set up just right in order for them to really attack the competition, and they are starting right now.

So check out the first-ever pass of the brand new NPK Murder Nova, and hear what Shawn and Phantom have to say about this car, and hear it scream at full tilt for the first time.

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