Kye Kelley’s New Car for No Prep Kings!!!

Take a look at this, Kye Kelley’s New Car for No Prep Kings!!! 

If you have been following the Street Outlaws America’s List, then you probably know that Kye Kelley’s Shocker has been destroyed.

It was his good friend who was going to qualify for America’s List using the Shocker because as Kye Kelley said on numerous occasions that this car has been going straight as an arrow and this is why it was a sure bet to get him on the list, and once he is on it he can fix his car and keep racing.

Well before he could race his way in, understandably they went testing and on the very first run, the Shocker perished.

This turns out to be a huge deal for Kye because we all know that he had that car for quite a while and it means the world to him.

He has won tons of races and entire events with this car so it has become a part of the family.

Aside from the trouble of taking the destroyed Shocker back home, he ended up not having a car for America’s List.

His ingenious plan was to take the Shocker back home and bring the Showstopper to race on America’s list, but this created a different hurdle. The Showstopper was missing an engine and he had to borrow his wife’s spare engine to power the Showstopper during America’s list.

The only good news he had that weekend was the fact that he got a bye run chip and this gave him extra time to make it all the way home and back and even install the engine and put the Showstopper on the street.

So, after all, that trouble he went to, he actually managed a good run with the Showstopper, so let’s put all that aside and see what Sim thinкs that Kye Kelley will be driving on the next season of No Pep Kings.

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